SIGHT™ Medical is a value-added developer of integrated healthcare IT and related hardware systems focusing primarily in the areas of service automation and operating room process management solutions for medical device technologies.


“Our mission is to provide our clients the platform to deal with today's inflated device cost while driving clinical leadership for tomorrow’s performance metrics."




SIGHT™ Medical was founded by a group of healthcare professionals and industry experts who joined forces to create an innovative platform that provides an end-to-end automated delivery process for medical devices in the operating room.



 The Case for Innovation


The Cost of Service: Outdated Supply Model

The traditional supply model for surgical-device technologies requires continuous on-premises support by a manufacturer representative. This type of supply methodology relies heavily on manual disjointed processes that are too expensive, overburdened by stakeholders, and no longer sustainable. In an era when healthcare costs are increasing at the same time physician reimbursement and hospital profitability is decreasing, medical technologies must be managed more cost effectively.


Care Coordination and Linkage: Limited Visibility

Patients rely on hospitals and other medical providers to ensure safe and efficient health care across the entire care continuum. However, limited visibility and control of many operating room processes can  profoundly impact a hospital’s success and a patient’s well being. In today’s competitive healthcare ecosystem, providing safe and affordable “patient centric” care requires end-to-end visibility into every process, including the operating room.



Our Solution


Provide Alternative Service Model

SIGHT™ Medical has developed an innovative and cost-effective solution for the modern hospital and ambulatory surgical center that caters to the unique needs of patients, surgeons, and hospitals by ensuring, automated performance, lower cost, and streamlined day-to-day operations.



Introducing: SIGHT™  Technologies


Surgical Intelligence Guiding Hospital Team (SIGHT™)


Using SIGHT™ Medical's patent pending SIGHT™ software coupled with our inventory management hardware, health facilities can enhance safety, create value and slash costs. To learn more about SIGHT™ Technologies, take a look at our products.





SIGHT™ Medical has created the first software and hardware technology of its kind to transform the delivery of surgical implants and instruments. Using our patent pending SIGHT™ software coupled with inventory management hardware, health facilities can create the value they have been struggling to obtain. By partnering with physicians, health facilities and implant vendors, SIGHT™ software has been developed with all stakeholders in mind. We have created the only solution available to take your facility from the current bloated model to a high quality lean model using a multi-phase approach addressing all your needs. From physician alignment to our novel vendor agnostic implant delivery technology, we have created a complete solution for any health facility looking to transition into the new healthcare paradigm.


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The Case for Innovation